🛹 Meepo v3 Electric Longboard [unboxing w/ ride]

Watch this cool video about the Best 🛹 Meepo v3 Electric Longboard [unboxing w/ ride]


🛹 Meepo v3 Electric Longboard [unboxing w/ ride]

🛹 Meepo v3 Electric Longboard [unboxing w/ ride]
Meepo V3

ESC Latest version: Meepo ESC v6.0.
Power: 2 X 540 Watts (Increased by 30% compared to Meepo V2).
ESC electronics sealing: Complete sealing with glue – board is water resistant and moisture & dust proof.
Very smooth and predictable braking experience thanks to new technology, no more dead zone.
Uphill ability: Reach 20 km/h or 9 mph on a 15% slope.

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