Airtel 4G HotSpot Portable Wi-Fi Router Unboxing & Review

Airtel 4G HotSpot Portable Wi-Fi Router Unboxing & Review
Unboxing and the speed review of Airtel 4G using Airtel 4G Hotspot Portable Wi-Fi Router.

Airtel had recently introduced a Portable Wi-Fi 4G hotspot router that would let you create your own hotspot anywhere when you require without even using an external power source. This device is surely the right bet for the people who constantly on the move and decided to take the portable 4G hotspot for a spin.

Boxed package contains portable 4G hotspot device, with USB cable to charge the device. Along with it, we will get few instruction manuals with warranty information. This device is powered up with 1500mah user replaceable battery and it will come along with boxed package.

If we frankly speaks about the design part, I was well impressed. It’s not like glossy plastic, Moreover it’s kind of sandstone finish. Of course, we really aren’t much bothered about it when comes to router.

The Airtel 4G hotspot router has a removable back panel just like any other cell phone and once we open that we will find a battery pack again pretty much similar to any Smartphone along with a SIM card slot. The power button will fire on the top of the device with signal strength and battery status. The battery lasts for 6 hours, on high usage, which is not bad at all.

Since it is a 4G hotspot, you can even access 2G, 3G internet via this device. If the signal indicator shows Green, you are connected to 4G LTE network. If this shows Yellow, you are connected to 3G network which is now available everywhere and Red is for 2G network.

First things first, this device is not a fully fledged WiFi router but just a personalized mobile hotspot. The speeds are excellent and are similar to the ones you get after plugging in the dongle directly to the PC. Range is good and it is good enough if you move to different places for personal meetings or when hanging out with friends.

Mega Smartphone 4G Speedtest in Hyderabad on Airtel 4G by GeekyRanjit

To summarize, it’s just a router where you can carry it anywhere by just powering it up. 10 users can connect to the hotspot at a time without any issues. I can say it is best when you would like to access internet at business meetings in any malls or anywhere having no internet access.

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Airtel 4G HotSpot Portable Wi-Fi Router Unboxing & Review