Ambarella A7 Mini 0805 Dash Cam Unboxing & Road Test

Ambarella A7 Mini 0805 Dash Cam Unboxing & Road Test
This is an unboxing and test / review of the Mini 0805 dash cam (car video recorder). I’ll show you some of the features of the unit and the various resolutions and settings that are possible, before showing some unedited footage straight from the camera in a range of lighting conditions. Note that the video quality once uploaded to YouTube is not quite as good as the original.

The unit is quite small and fairly inconspicuous, it’s able to record full-HD video, and it wasn’t that expensive either compared to some other dash cams.

The unit is able to rotate so that the camera can point horizontally no matter what the slope of the windscreen, however I did run into a slight snag that if your car windscreen slopes at a very shallow angle, then the USB power cable won’t easily fit in the top of the unit as the windscreen is in the way – but I have managed to get it to (just) fit in a normal saloon car. There’s also a fair bit of reflection off the windscreen of the dashboard top, which I could probably get a polarising filter to reduce the impact of.

I hope to be able to get some more test footage showing some of the other video resolution settings on my channel shortly.

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