ANGRY BIRDS GO! Pig Rock Raceway – TELEPODS Unboxing, Review & Demo!

ANGRY BIRDS GO! Pig Rock Raceway - TELEPODS Unboxing, Review & Demo!
DAY 1 (Death Star Trench Run):
DAY 2 (Battle on Geonosis):
DAY 3 (Star Destroyer):
DAY 4 (Endor Chase):
DAY 5 (Jedi vs. Sith Multipack):
DAY 6 (Bounty Hunters):
DAY 7 (Dual with Count Dooku) :
DAY 8 (Darth Vader Pig Carrying Case & TOTAL DESTRUCTION!!!):

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Evan reviews ANGRY BIRDS GO! Pig Rock Raceway.

This game is very similar to the Angry Birds Hot Wheels Slingshot Luanch play set that came out last year. But this one has some nice additions. First off, the figures are compatible with the new Angry Birds GO! App that will be released later this year. The package shows a release date of October 31, 2013, but recent announcements state that the game will actually be available on December 11th (Just in time for Christmas). The telepod figures have the familiar QR codes that we’ve seen with the Angry Birds Star Wars 2 play sets as well as the magnifying telepods base.

We’ve seen some Angry Birds Go gameplay and it looks like a cool racing game with power ups and weapons, similar to the Mario Kart series.

The play set is very nice by itself. It features in inclined double track race track as well as some moving obstacles. We had a little trouble with the “track switcher” which you will see if you stick around for the FAIL REEL at the end of the video. But the kids had fun knocking down the pigs as usual.

Product Description

MSRP: .99

Race 2 karts at a time with the Pig Rock Raceway Set
2 ways to play: rapid racing or unlock your kart in the Angry Birds application
More than 40 inches of track
Race past obstacles to knock the pirate pig off the treasure chest
Includes 2 karts; 1 is exclusive to this set (other karts sold separately)

The Angry Birds app comes to life. This line of Hasbro toys captures all the launching and destroying fun of the app in physical form. The Pig Rock Raceway Set lets you launch into high-flying, speed-racing fun. Load your 2 karts on the launchers and fire them into a bird-on-bird race down the track. Can you get past the falling dynamite and the pigs that fall out of the big pig peril? Can you knock the pirate pig off the treasure chest? It’s easy to take the game to your mobile device (sold separately) and unlock your kart in the Angry Birds app. Just download the app and then put the Telepods base and your kart on your device. Scan your karts into the app and you can choose which one to race when you play the Angry Birds Go app. Fluff those feathers and run race after race with the Pig Rock Raceway Set. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

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