Canon EOS 1200D Rebel T5 Unboxing & Full Review: Features, Controls, Still & Video Performance

Canon EOS 1200D Rebel T5 Unboxing & Full Review: Features, Controls, Still & Video Performance
Here is the In-depth study of the latest Canon Entry-level DSLR – the EOS 1200D (Rebel T5).
Canon EOS 1200D Rebel T5 Unboxing & Full Review: Features, Controls, Still & Video Performance

Video Transcribe:
Hey guys and today we have Canon’s latest entry level the EOS 1200D.
It’s also known as the Rebel T5 in US and some other market.
And then also very cheesy Kiss X 7T in Japan.
So it’s known by all these three names in different markets.
Now 1200D is an upgrade of almost three years old 1100D.
It comes in with some improvements both in terms of economics and body and also in terms of features.
Now the kit we have is like the most expensive one where you have the body plus 18-55 mm IS II lens and plus the 55-250 mm IS II lens.
So again there you can see it says kit lens.
You also get the body you also get the camera with the 18-55 mm lens.
And you also get even various combinations in various markets.
So the price for this one generally is on it’s with the board with kit lens it’s about 31538 India rupees.
And on it’s about 699$ we did not find it on both the kit.
With the single kit in India it’s about 26750 in US it’s about 499$ and in the UK it’s about 325 Pounds.
The body only wouldn’t find the body on the and in US it’s about 420$ and in the UK it’s about 299-98 $ so due to both the kit lens you can see it’s fairly big and very very heavy box.
So there camera’s and all stuff there you see that’s how it looks.
You also get an 8 GB card I am gonna show you and them some quick specs here.
18 Mega pixel CMOS Sensor the age old one.
Same CMOS sensor that has been running from how many models now.
Up to ISO 6400 it also ISO Burst goes up to 12800 and 4/3 also gets wide screen by the way.
And trains LCD non touch screen non articulated.
Then you have your F move full HD 30 Fps then your 3 Frame bit per second in burst mode.
Maximum and then auto intelligent scene mode.
There you see some important marketing information’s and stuff.
I already told you so this is the black model ya.
Nothing much all those softer information and stuff.
So I am gonna quickly show you what’s inside and you manage to just hold the review kit together.
So first you get the warranty card there.
And then you get an invitation to a free complimentary Canon Photography tutorial.
I mean it’s a class room course.
So basically they’re gonna tell you how good the Canon kit’s are and everything one complimentary glass.
And probably they would hope that you would start buying their lens and other kit’s.
And you also probably this gonna start paying for other classes.
You get the software kit’s that one that’s another one and then there is still another one.
Then you also get some good guide.
So first you get the Camera manual.
Make sure you read this.
For a beginner for which this camera mainly is and then you also get some nice colorful tutorial booklet.
So Canon has done a good thing they have provided lot of kit’s tutorial along with mobile apps.
Because 1200D is mainly targeted beginners which one their camera to be first camera.

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