Predator 4000 Watt Generator Unboxing and Overview

Harbor Freight Predator 4000 watt generator unboxing and overview
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I bought this brand new to replace my very loud Coleman Powermate with Tecumseh Motor. This Predator is awesome! This one I just bought has a newly modified 212cc motor that’s even quieter than it’s predecessor.

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Hey everybody this is Donnie with a ghost on Auto Detailing um just uh I went today and sold my big generator I wanted to get one of these that’s a little bit smaller not real real small but it’s 4,000 watts and 3200 continuous I got this from Harbor Freight from Round three hundred dollars and other stars I can run you one like this for about five hundred. So this one’s got overhead valve engine it’s got the same engine as my pressure washer but it’s just a you know red and stuff black. So I’m just getting it unboxed here just opened it handy and pulled anything out yet. So we’ll see what it looks like here okay youtubers and Facebookers again this is the generator that I bought yesterday I went ahead and tried to tape a video segment last night but it was very dark. So I decided to go ahead and redo this today just to give you a better idea of what the unit looks like it’s the predator series 212 CC motor this is actually the same motor that I have on my pressure washer you can look closely you know there are similarities it is the same 212 CC engine block however because this one is on a generator it does not have the same air filter or the gas tank on it this one does have a fuel shutoff valve which is the right there you know that’s when you want to store it for a longer period of time or it’s also good to shut it off during transport of the unit you turn that off or if you want to dry out the carburetor you start the engine or the motor and then turn that off and let it run until it stops this is an overhead valve motor. So it is like I said in a previous segment it is much quieter than the generator that I had before the generator that I had before had a 10 horsepower Tacoma on it and it was very loud I had to often wear ear muffs in order to work closely to the unit because it was just that loud it was a flathead motor. So it did not have overhead valves which in this case makes a motor run quieter okay this is the bottom side of the unit or the other side of the generator opposite the motor and as you can see that has the red round part that’s the generator head and you can see this has a fairly large muffler on it which also contributes to how quiet the unit runs the unit is rated noise decibels at 72. So again it is a very quiet generator compared to the one I had which was probably I would say a hundred twenty plus decibels one thing that I particularly like about this particularly generator from Harbor Freight is that it comes with quite a bit more than the other one that I had which was a Coleman power make 5000 I like the number of outlets which includes the 12-volt DC you know you can anything that you plug into a cigarette lighter in a car can be plugged into there and of course it has its own breaker and then it has these two breakers which are relative to these two outlets and these both will break if you have it plugged into if you have your house or whatever plugged into that outlet and it pulls too much current and that is the AC 120 240 volt at 30 amps okay. So and one thing I won’t I do want to say before I show you how quiet this is I’m going to start it is I do want to honor God and give Him praise and glory because I had had my old generator on Craigslist for some time and I did have to drop the price fairly significantly on it I think our originally won in 350 for the Coleman power made 5000 I actually had to take 275 but I praise the Lord because it went ahead and enabled me to go ahead and get this quieter generator that actually powers my appliance is much better than the Coleman 5000 did the Komen 5000 often struggled it seemed at times and I wasn’t even putting in most cases no more than 2000 watts at a time on it and it will could handle 5000 running watts okay now I will go ahead and get the unit running just. So you can see what it and I’m very satisfied with the noise level or they noise output of this generator with the old one that I have I would not have been able to stand here and make this video because you would not have been able to hear me. So as you can see it is a much quieter unit and runs very smooth. So again I recommend this generator highly. So again I got this generator at Harbor Freight for about two hundred eighty nine dollars with a coupon that would bring the total with taxes to three hundred nine dollars and fifty six cents in most other stores a generator like this would run you well over four hundred to five hundred dollars in that range with an overhead valve a Honda like engine and with all of these outlets including low oil shut down and low oil alert and a four gallon gas tank this generator also will run at 50 percent load for ten hours on a full tank of gas. So again I really do like it it is one of those Chinese Honda clones they call it but for $300 it’s well within range if you don’t have a large budget it’s definitely worth the price thank you again for watching we should have subscribed to my channel as I will be posting more videos in the future.