Nikon D7500 Unboxing

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Nikon D7500 Unboxing

Nikon D7500 Unboxing
Appearingly, the Nikon D7500 looks like other 7000 series
cameras, but Nikon presents a lot of news with this system camera. Video resolution has been four times better with 4K movie, new image sensor , faster serialization, and WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity to quickly sync your photos to your mobile. The Nikon D7500 camera housing is for those who want to take your shooting to the next level with a camera that is always prepared for the pursuit of the perfect image.

Photograph around the clock
The camera has inherited the same DX sensor included in the Nikon D500, of 20.9 megapixels which together with the EXPEED 5 Image Processor can recreate your memories in your best images with sharpness and soft tone transitions.
The ISO range extends from 100 to up to an incredible 51,200 which can be extended to the corresponding ISO 1,640,000 so you can shoot all night long. The image processor works efficiently throughout the ISO range and reduces noise with retained quality. With the High 5 setting, you can shoot with the entire ISO 1 640 000 (equivalent) and utilize the light from just the starry sky.

Nikon D7500 System Camera
Prick the right moment
Whether it’s a child jumping on a trampoline or mate who is doing a trick with the engine crusade, you want to catch just the right moment. The Nikon D7500 lets you take 8-second-frame serials, with 50 images in 14-bit lossless compressed RAW or 100 images in JPEG. Thanks to full AF / AE tracking, the camera retains the sharpest position throughout the viewing.

4K movie and Timelapse
Experience four times as good quality of your movies in the future. The Nikon D7500 can shoot in Ultra HD 4K resolution at up to 30 frames per second, giving you stunning movies with sharpness, detail and color rendering beyond the usual.
Nikon’s electronic vibration reduction significantly reduces the effect of camera shake when shooting in full HD without a tripod.

Whether you like to vlogga, film your vacation or just save videos from your everyday life, timelapse is a fun and powerful feature that shows a long event in a short period of time. With the Nikon D7500, you can create cool 4K-quality timelapse movies right in the camera. Exposure equalization reduces unwanted flicker effects when shooting with an auto exposure mode as aperture controlled automatic.

Test new angles
You do not have to lay flat on the stomach to take a picture in a frog perspective. Nikon’s 3.2 “big screen on the back can be angled up and down to make it easy to shoot with correct composing even in triangular angles. With Live View, it’s easy to direct the camera, touch the screen directly to sharpen and press. Equally practical for low perspective like when you stand in the sea at a concert.

Nikon D7500 System Camera
For times when you want to keep sunshine, reflections and motion outdoors and the shooting angle is easier, you get a very clear picture of your subject through the camera’s optical pentaprism finder. With 100% search coverage, the image will look as you see it and get a firm grip on the camera – especially when using telephoto.

Nikon Snapbridge
Today we want to share our pictures on social media and friends right away. Thanks to built-in Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity and the Nikon SnapBridge mobile device, you can keep a constant low energy connection between your camera and your smartphone via Bluetooth. Then, your photos sync to your mobile while shooting.

Nikon D7500 System Camera
Just open your phone, the pictures are there, ready to share and shine on social networks within seconds.
Due to the constant connection, you do not need to connect again and again. You also do not need to be afraid that the connection will end the camera’s battery and you can of course use your mobile as usual in the meantime.
Snapbridge can also be used to remotely control the camera over the phone. The app is free for both iOS and Android.

Expand the photo bag with lens
The Nikon D7500 is compatible with all NIKKOR lenses in DX format and a large selection of lenses in FX format. There is an objective for every wish and occasion. Choose between fixed focal lengths, wide-range telephoto lens, wide-angle lens or light-sensitive lens for a beautiful background blur.

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