SUPER COLOSSAL T.REX! BEST T.REX YET?! – Mattel Review and Unboxing

Check out this interesting video about the best SUPER COLOSSAL T.REX! BEST T.REX YET?! – Mattel Review and Unboxing

SUPER COLOSSAL T.REX! BEST T.REX YET?! - Mattel Review and Unboxing

SUPER COLOSSAL T.REX! BEST T.REX YET?! – Mattel Review and Unboxing

SUPER COLOSSAL T.REX! BEST T.REX YET?! - Mattel Review and UnboxingBaby hello everybody and welcome to the office I know right a little bit of a redesign we have a cool thing going on I have for the first time got three cameras set up so we do this so professionally we’ve got like a road sofa oh it’s so awesome anyway anyway finally these aren’t out in the UK but this is the big one the one the only the Jurassic world super colossal Tyrannosaurus Rex so this may be the second biggest in the entire line of the metal toys these are supposed to drop in April but some places got them really early I think it was in Mexico there’s a lot of Toys R Us shops got them I did have a quick look in Smith’s which is like a Toys R Us in the UK we also do have Toys R Us however they’re going under now so yeah but I got money to give a handle this and I’m really looking forward to seeing what it is we’ve seen at the toy fairs that like the level of detail of the telethon and just the variety of toys as well looks to be spectacular so I’m really excited if you are excited leave a like add this video to your favorites and I don’t know what else were there YouTube things huh let’s open this thing up oh there it is ooh so this is the first Jurassic world official falling Kingdom toy that we’re gonna be unboxing on the channel had to be something special oh this is so like it’s in three years three years and finally hold on look at that there get it in there in the macro lens there to Rasik world Tyrannosaurus Rex hey it looks so cool you see this see the bone is that it’s not the video can we stop now over here is that it now no it is not because we have got to see the best bit and that is the actual toy itself hopefully it didn’t get damaged in the shipping and hopefully all this works out all okay because I set this up in the morning and tired so I didn’t know this was gonna be the hardest part of the friggin video all right get that down there bro is there guys almost there there it is are you ready are you ready guys that’s massive oh my god that looks so good oh oh we might have a contender what might be hold on I don’t know it you can’t even see it hold on well that will move that camera cause it’s so big it doesn’t even fit in this shot right so this is the front of the box like an owner do like oh the box is destroyed I think it was good actually yeah the Kabul box had a big gash in it so maybe yeah maybe that’s what happened here like you’re pretty cut through there that’s the chain but if we can just look at the box art for a second that looks great like you’re gonna see these toys on the shelves and you’re gonna recognize this sort of like gray metallic look to it with a little bit of orange and it’s it’s nice like present presentation as well Jurassic world of course did the sort of like open box thing and I guess there’s soda drastic park we’ve got like the dress box they go up there it’s got the little cling film over the top a little plastic film as well it’s big though this I think this is the biggest dinosaur toy we’ve ever had it’s absolutely massive look at that so big I like how I’ve chosen to put that camera over here and the light would really shine it better than shadow well we learned don’t we so let’s have a look at the back of the box as well and here you have actually Tyrannosaurus Rex gigantic bite swallows and stores up to 26 mini dinosaurs hopefully shouldn’t do that in the movie Dilophosaurus some sort of Raptor sukkah – maybe Baryonyx or they go Velociraptor or does it come with Dinosaurs as well hmm it might do Oh that’d be cool whoo so there you go we’ll have a little they’ll look at the side of the box there you see there’s a side of the box back at the back of the box there but I could look box yeah oh look at that that’s magnificent isn’t it can it closed because its tongue I’m wondering like cuz obviously its tail is supposed to like end there and like so go off so it I think it’s one of those clip-on tails like we had with indominus rex and going to assume so we may get Velociraptor blue which for some odd reason they’ve called this you can see that in the macro lens hold on yeah you go you got Velociraptor blue but it’s a Baryonyx model and then over there what does that one say that one says Velociraptor so are we gonna they’ve gotta miss Levi they mix it up just a tiny bit Triceratops to round on that as well as Paris roses hopefully that’s that’s all in focus for you guys that looks awesome oh okay well there’s only one thing left to do and that is to open it the collector in me really doesn’t want to but look at that look at that paint job you got because I like dusting effects it’s like little bits as well as like the plastic color that underbellies painted like what like what we’re gonna do is one sort of unboxers from reviewed it we’re gonna get other dinosaur or the T Rexes like the classic red Rex and oh wow it really it’s it’s really tiny you can force it through it isn’t it oh my god when they say super colossal they really did mean it didn’t they okay now let’s let’s break it oh that’s one little bit of sellotape oh my god how many how many bits are the two little bits of silly tape we’re Elysion Rexy and you see where that’s how it cracked actually maybe it got tugged on a little bit oh my god I’m wondering if there’s a way to do it without this drawing the thing because I really do it’s a really nice packaging I love it it’s it’s a bit similar to the lost world when you had like the dinosaurs that were taken off the island like well they would taint off the others when engine came and started capturing the dinosaurs it’s a bit like that yeah we’re go up there we go oh I can see is bomb horn there we go we’re unleashing the Beast we’ve got another little bit Celtic we got another one I really don’t want to compare this to the harbour one because it again I kind of wonder oh yes oh that’s cool oh okay okay now how do we get you out as it looks like yeah that’s the only way I’ve got to take the backboard off this is a bit of oh oh there it is that’s what we’ve been waiting for no all of that in that great well it is just like rope so you could oh you couldn’t oh that’s really good so you don’t have to destroy it you don’t have to like cut the things you could you just tie around and then it clips in so if you were a collector and you did want to unbox it and review it you could put it back away like without destroying any of it cuz this thing looks really good a moment of truth oh you oh oh well that’s not broken yeah there was nothing I could do for that bear that was there was only my return Stallone was gonna snap with it it’s all gone out and we got something here what’s this so you have to destroy it you have to destroy the box like a little bit cuz a little bit of undercarriage yeah you got it I can even get you have to unwrap this bit too then unwrap this bit I’m gonna be mum it’s gonna be like 20 half an hour to get this thing out and what do we do with the packaging guys that’s right you don’t know because the first episode behind the sofa we don’t worry about that until later doesn’t see if we come with any other like smaller tear like dinosaurs it’s a very shame cuz you’d like to shove something in ant but you’re gonna have to buy those separately it’s rubber well is it all Robert oh no no no yeah yeah okay this bits solid plastic that light goes into the t-rex but this bit yes other some other neck as well the next rubber is roll up though the body’s hard plastic but this some rubber there arm I’m happy with that that’s awesome that’s it Osumi can you twist and take it out again yes you can ah thank God yeah so if you mess it up you’re okay and shove the other home I feel like a little kid like you know he gets like a huge t-rex oh like for his birthday where he seems huge to him except that this is actually huge ah that’s the son we like – yeah cap am oh god I don’t a break it it seems like the only part that’s a little bit harder to get in there we go and there she is oh she’s got poseable feet as well like that oh ho look at you oh my god close yeah oh yeah it’ll be the squeak you say is rubber actually the necks all rubber but you could oh can I move the top of the head you can move the top of the head as well alright see all the way down to your bum and that must be the little hinge where all the toys come out so you’ve got like little hinge e hinge a bit underneath there and does that click shut yeah it does you a massive hold on can we just go like a comparison so what good thing is because its feet if you can see them in the a macro lens like its feet or twistable so that’s really good so balancing shouldn’t be an issue and as you can see quite clearly at the end of the tail as well is like rock solid it’s like it’s not that but it’s it’s like a harder plastic harder rubber than this one this one or you can even oh yeah it’s got a little bit of grip on it so this thing is to post eat all your other Jurassic world poised oh there you go a little dance here is the Rex and this here is the one from the drastic park line I can’t even I can’t even see it hold on and composers will be as well but which one which one is more like faithful to the t-rex in the in the movie like looks like says this Jurassic Park t-rex was actually based on the Stan Winston maquette like it was literally mortal after its arms a little bit weird because it’s like oh where is this t-rex this t-rex actually has like better arms it’s a shame but his little fingernails on painted and like the toenails were painted they went to the extra effort but maybe they were just following suit because this but this guy he doesn’t have his little uh his little things painted I don’t know I kind of I think that this one the the latest one this just accruals fallen Kingdom t-rex is actually a lot more faithful to the t-rex that we know from the movie then this guy because this one’s got very like a narrow snout and this one’s very broad if you just look at it like head on yeah this this one’s definitely more Rex looking if you just look at that hold on there you go yeah I got a good look at that he’s so big like you come on even hope you sound like one on then for me it’s bigger yeah he’s longer than my arm where are you gonna put this thing it was really cool though this so I thought I don’t know about prices cuz I bought this on eBay I was one of those guys who got scalped but at the same time like I just couldn’t wait I wanted to review this guy as quickly as possible alright so he’s got like locked in stances so you can get like an in-between but it will lock in to a certain stance and as far as like stability goes look at that and that looks cool like I can’t I can’t like taught this at all I just wanna look at this thing they have done like I’m sorry I’m not saying much but are you seeing this I hopefully it’s in shot is that better the level of detail like you’ve even got you’ve got like the scratches on the neck where it was the big one him I could have been a big one could mean any sort of Raptor but we’d assume it’s the big one from a drastic park left its scars as well it could even be indominus I’d imagine there should be more scratches because indominus prop I had Rex you by the neck but that I think they’re kind of happy just having a little bit damage rather than a whole like modelling career ruined but the the feat is it’s a it’s a chunky t-rex I feel like if a kid have this and they could shake it just like yeah that’s great oh it’s a little bit weird I don’t know if you can see that but like you’ve got this like heavy brown color running down and then it just sort of stops for like no reason like at all you’ve got it should sort of follow maybe tail off here it could have even tailed off there but that seems to be like a very distinct cut like I don’t and then stopped with the paint job so that is that really the biggest issue if you look at the teeth can we get like we’ve got like a nice look at the teeth there I like the plastic like that this shiny plastic for the tongue if you can just get that more on the light it’s like really reflective and yeah the tongue is actually movable as well that’s quite nice we don’t just have the Jurassic Park t-rex no hold on and it could even stand with its rubber tail so both I would give like even a job on the paint job on the eyes looks amazing Wow okay so you got that tear extra support you’ve also got this one which to me this was the most faithful faithful t-rex that’s ever existed and that was the one from the lost world this one this one was the definitive t-rex me definitely and this is the one I had as a kid so it’s it’s seen some wear and tear it’s probably not gonna stand it’s really not but yeah even even in comparison they do exactly what you want them to for like a t-rex they look great this one this one seems to be maybe more detail which is crazy to say because this light like this drastic will fall in Kingdom t-rex it’s very detailed very high like just you can see all the different scales as well in the plastic skull the teeth is alone there’s a little bit of globular on the teeth but to be honest you know that the some of the teeth are like joined together and like one big massive teeth so but like you see the teeth on the front and if you can see that and probably put a pretty best to put it on the macro shot but you got individually painted teeth they’re right on the front so they and there hasn’t even gone on the egg gum line so they’ve been very accurate with that Mattel have done a great job really shove some data but I don’t have anything to show down you but that is the mechanic not from any of these t-rex’s so as far as quality wise these were great amazing this one strikes a great balance it’s amazing quality and material I’m I was never really a fan of like hard plastic apart from when it came to like the Raptors and stuff but that is great the one thing that it is definitely lending from though with that concept of eating things is the ball t-rex from the lost world which actually looks really tiny in comparison look at that oh wow yeah I could eat the whole thing look but he has the same mechanic where you would eat things like it shove them shove it in the gob there and then on the underneath you would sort of like prize prize your toys out like they were some sort of alien oh the only thing that districts I would say that’s better actually in the lost world is that it’s AI and if you can see that its eyes actually like glass it was so glass it’s like plastic but it really gives us that like a very realistic look but seeing that they’ve done a great job with that I could we just like gonna get a measurement of both of them hold on I’ll put the boat in the middle and get them right from there and the bull t-rex comes to about just before the middle of the tail so if we were to base them from where the tail ends we go like that like how far back I’d say that’s that’s it that’s probably it so this was this t-rex was originally the largest drastic dinosaur model that ever existed I’m pretty sure this super colossal t-rex it’s in its own lead my god it was like I have to lean back to turn around and imagine for a cave a kid’s gonna love that they’re gonna be like this and it’s going to be like twice the size in comparison cuz they’re gonna be there like a little bit a little bit smaller me I’m I’m a full-grown man child I mean it looks it looks really weird when enjoyed sort of like cracker plays but that even that just allows you if it’s on uneven ground maybe it can get like a better footing so we can put it out in the grass and have a look at how that looks and kids can play with it it’s it it seems very durable and like more of my pet peeves with and when it came when it comes to dinosaur toys is the fact that you can’t like the mouth might be just like left open and sorry this is a bit weird because I’m being swamped by a dinosaur here yeah barely in the frame yep yep I’m sorry I have to give this ten out of ten oh my god you’ve got some scars put some scars on your leg there I didn’t realize that the t-rex from Jurassic world fallen Kingdom looks way better than the one in Jurassic world I think we could all agree that every every Jurassic fan I think and this toy in particular I don’t know there’s something about it that just seems a lot more faithful it’s like got a bulky hips your monkey hips it’s got like a wide head even from like that that is it from the angle you can’t you can’t get more t-rex than that is like usually when it comes to like the t-rex toys has always been a bit of its T and you can definitely tell it’s a t-rex from Jurassic Park but there’s something a little bit off like if I just put that here yeah put you that with the bull t-rex you can see on the head there was it it’s something it’s a t-rex but it’s not the one from lost world you know what I mean it’s a little bit different there’s a little bit of like the shapes not quite there and put with this one it’s like the I mean nowadays like technology when you can just 3d print stuff from a 3d model and they’ve got the ones from the movie and they’ve just done a great job that’s definitely Rexy from Jurassic Park can’t faulted its poseable the level of detail is great and I’ve got to give him an A+ on those teeth because that’s usually where you can have a little bit of a little bit of fault but then this is an a-plus-plus these teeth because you’ve got like broken teeth you’ve got extra level of detail on that ball t-rex you’ve got some teeth missing so I meant broken in half like I said before some coming up this one I’ve just got a like and maybe I’m comparing it a little bit too much to the Hasbro and you know what that being said there’s only one thing left to do we’re gonna compare this t-rex oh this this masterpiece of a t-rex to the Hasbro one yeah if you don’t mind I’m gonna I’m gonna go look for it because I think it might be in the bin oh don’t like the way this is gonna look this is uh yeah fur mind this is the t-rex that came out second okay so this is a better attempt yeah you Wow is there a comparison I mean oh my goodness and look at this look at that tail no even the tails like an off-colored I know if the camera is picking that up but it just yeah can we just say no bullet holes or anything already I mean you’re seeing the good side just ready yep no bullet oh oh nothing so much you’re so good oh you do everything right okay you can see like the color of the tail is a little bit different you got bullet holes everywhere with this Rex it is and even the head like can you can kind of close it but and the teeth you’ve got guns painted on the teeth I don’t know is it outside yeah you can even see on that side and this t-rex is like three teeth look at that like one two three four five six seven and you’ve got one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven on each drawer you’ve got an extra four yeah and the feet especially the feet just that like it’s it’s obviously done for balance like they’ve elongated the toes but like the claws if we just you can see it there that that the clothes are not t-rex like huge meaty toenails that it’s like a raptor thing the only thing is this doesn’t have any electronics that’s the only downside I think it would be great if there was just like a little button that you could press and that would have allowed you to make some noise but the reason why this one doesn’t have electronics is because there is a smaller version of this and it does make a lot of it makes a lot of noise it has so much articulation when I get my hands on that we’re definitely gonna we’re definitely gonna invoke that one cuz that’s this is this is like it’s big its sturdy it this is like what little kids could have you know smack it around and it’s gonna take all that and for the first time ever we have like is it realistic proportion to a raptor actually it’s even bigger because if we like if we compare the bull t-rex to the Raptor that’s that’s kind of that’s kind of doable definitely and what would it say it’s better like if we if we just like for size comparison because this is a raptor I’ve had since childhood oh no you could get eaten yes you could am I getting you out of hold on I’ll ship you all the way down it’s gone yep yep look at that gone completely now that okay now can I get you from the bumhole is it possible I want to get that cover again yeah beautiful I would say cuz if you had the the like the vehicles especially and people shame I don’t have them with me there’s somewhere here in the next videos guys don’t worry I’ll definitely get those sword I want to get everything here just so we can compare it from all of the series this is one of the dinosaurs that Hasbro did right and it was the indominus rex rampage edition it’s the one from the game 100% Rexy has all dirty look at that ah that’s beautiful we’ve got sunlight oh my god it’s gonna mess with everything this thing right here this beauty yep no that is it valid this is the pinnacle of Jurassic toys right here the rest of the toy line I’m really not too sure about some of them look great like the other version of this t-rex looks amazing I love it the electronic one that can pick and thrash like the human characters about but some of the smaller lines they look like they look very cheap II like the minifigures that you saw on the back of the box of this thing they look that they’ve got to be chief because they don’t look very like they don’t look like they cost very much to make so I’m hoping that that like those toys are really cheap one thing I don’t think we’re gonna get with the line is something that is a nice in-between of like this quality and price and like something that’s quite cheap well we’re gonna get with this line I predict is expensive but so good like that best we’ve ever seen and then very cheap little bits of tat almost I know I haven’t unboxed them but I’m already seeing one we are we are so bright oh my god there we go I don’t think we’re gonna get a nice in-between of not cheap not expensive like this sort of thing like the Raptor I really love this line from like the lost world and drastic pocket a really good line as well but I mean that remains to be seen and so I get my hands on them stuff like the Allosaurus the Baryonyx stuff like that the metric Allosaurus they look good but I kind of just one like a little toy like this like a like a raptor it has a decent paint job a decent action some poseability there would be really nice but I feel like well L see I’m making predictions on toys I haven’t even got my hands on yeah but here we go Heys if you enjoyed this video leave a like look at this scale yeah alex is way too big it looks awesome I love it joy this video guys leave like until next time I’ll see you later Oh buh-bye yeah that’s it anyway that Thrasher t-rex is gonna stand and then we get you there who actually just stand with your your broken detail and that no you’re not a t-rex you’re not allowed in the shot like we went we went from good like really good quality even better quality – what the hell – yep everything is we’re back again baby.

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Toys have started surfacing. The biggest one is the Super Colossal T.rex which we are going to unbox! Could this be the best Jurassic T.rex yet?

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Prices for the Mattel Jurassic World Range:
Super Colossal Tyrannosaurus Rex – .99
Story Pack Assortment – .99
Hatch ‘N Play Dinos – .99
Mini Dino Assortment – .49
Basic Figure Assortment – .99 Each
Roarivores Assortment – .99
Action Attack Assortment – .99
Thrash ‘N Throw Tyrannosaurus Rex Figure – .99
Gyrosphere Blast Vehicle – .99
Real Feel Skin Mosasaurus Figure – .99
Jurassic World Mini Dino 3-Pack Assortment – .99
UNO Attack Jurassic World – .99
T-Rex Anatomy Kit – .99
Kamigami Robots – .99

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