ThiEye Safeel One Dash Camera – Unboxing, Review and tests

Watch this amazing video about the best ThiEye Safeel One Dash Camera – Unboxing, Review and tests

References: ThiEye Safeel One Dash Camera - Unboxing, Review and tests

ThiEye Safeel One Dash Camera – Unboxing, Review and tests

ThiEye Safeel One Dash Camera - Unboxing, Review and tests
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ThiEye Safeel One: unboxing, Review and tests

Safeel One is the first attempt for Thieye to get into the dash-cam market.

With Thieye products I’ve never seen a disappointing package and they keep up impressing us about box quality. The important specs are highlighted and we know that its mostly about 1080p.
The dashcam body is made out of plastic, overall good quality, small sized and will nicely fit at any place you choose on your windshield. The design reminds a downscaled dslr camera with a big lens. The mount is easily adjustable and has 360-degree rotation option.
The charger of this dashcam is capable of providing 1.5 amps. But its greatest advantage is the available USB port. This will allow you to be able to charge your smartphone while the dashcam remains connected
Operating the Thieye Safeel One is quite easy. Power and reset buttons on the right side. On the left there’s the play and stop option with the microSD slot and the navigation buttons are just below the 1.5 inch display. The menus feel like you are dealing with an action camera. Probably because of the similar specs – Novatek 96658 chip-set, Sony IMX image sensor and 145-degree -wide angle 6-glass lens.

Footage. I’ve been shooting mostly in FULL HD. 4:3 format is not favorable in youtube and will anyways add more details from the car interior and the sky rather than extending the width. Thieye are promoting a lot the low light recording, so this is what we start with – the low light performance. There is a night black&white mode – very well implemented and it increases the sharpness of objects tremendously, and that also adds more detail to the picture. Often plates which are not visible in color mode will be in black-white mode.
The device is equipped with a gravity sensor – which can sense sudden shakes. And has three levels of sensitivity.

The quality assessment I will leave up to you. Daylight footage looks wonderful! Because some cheaper dashcameras have the habit of de-focusing as soon as the temperature becomes higher – I’ve tested… a lot! No sign of that kind of issue here.
The few options that make the ThiEye Safeel One unique: first is the charger, which has a USB port. More manufacturers should think of this option!
Secondly, the black and white mode for night recording. Colors at night are anyways blown, so prioritizing sharpenss and detail works so much better without colors.
As minor disadvantage – I do miss a camera app. But I guess ThiEye’s decision is justified – offering better video quality and features instead of embedding too many unpolished ideas. People appreciate when things work. And with the ThiEye Safell One they work quite good!
Now your verdict – feature-wise – this is supposed to compete the A119 by Viofo. Costing half of the price. Looking forward to hear from you in the comments section below the video.

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