Unboxing My Ghost Longboard (EP. 15) | Paris PTV

Check out this cool video about the Best Unboxing My Ghost Longboard (EP. 15) | Paris PTV


Unboxing My Ghost Longboard (EP. 15) | Paris PTV

Unboxing My Ghost Longboard (EP. 15) | Paris PTV

Welcome to Paris PTV!
(EP. 15) Unboxing My Ghost Longboard !
PURCHASE Your Ghost Longboard!
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ghostlongboard/

15% Discount Code: Paris

My Board:
40” Platypus Web Ghost
– LED board
– white trucks
– Pink LED wheels

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IG: @paris__studios (double underscore)

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Ghost Long Board, 40 inchGhost Platypus Clear Longboard with Skeleton Hand Rose Design
  • CLEAR DESIGN: Our clear 40 Inch Platypus board “Skeleton Rose” was designed to offer better balance, stability, and made for speed. These boards are surf inspired and are made for cruising and carving. The wheels are more exposed on this board to allow for sharper turning angles so you can really carve in corners. The decks are made with clear acrylic plexiglass. They aren't slippery and no grip tape is needed!
  • QUALITY WHEELS: 70mm 78A wheels means your board is designed from the ground up for ideal cruising and carving.These soft wheels allow for a smooth ride on a variety of different surfaces. The wheels have LED lights inside them that are powered by friction and magnets to make your wheels light up and glow for fun evening rides!
  • CLEANING: Our boards are easy to keep clean and clear by cleaning with water or our board cleaner found on our website. Avoid cleaners with chemicals like Windex. Microfiber towels are your friend! Accidentally scratched your board? Try our board polishers to remove light to moderately deep scratches and restore your board.
  • ALL EXPERIENCE LEVELS WELCOME: Ghost boards are made to be fun for all levels of riders! They’re great for beginners and experts alike!
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