Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix Limited Edition PS3 Unboxing

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix (Limited Edition) (PS3) Unboxing!
Hello guys welcome back to pop games once again from the unboxing today we’re gonna be doing the unboxing for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 remix in front of me I have the limited edition also the limited edition is the one that we’re gonna be opening but for references I brought the Black Label and also the collector’s edition so the collector’s edition you can see from the front cover here looks really really nice it’s uh everyone turning over same ratings as the other games just bring it all in here all the same ratings the covers are completely different the limiter and be black label already saying covers but the collector’s edition of course different let’s look at these sides you got a UH a crown emblem look at the back and the other side you talk looks really nice alright let’s take a quick look at the backside the magical Sega continues in 3 remastered journeys Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 remix collector’s edition the collector’s edition comes with a nine point four inches shadow heartless plush the Kingdom Hearts HD collected steelbook holds both games did elect a Disney collectible pin 30 page hardcover artbook and two to disc SD Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 and 2.5 remix games over here in the bottom says kingdom hearts 2 final mix Kingdom Hearts birth by Sleep final mix Kingdom Hearts re:coded I’m just gonna read for you guys these specs really quick single-player 10.7 megabytes require hard drive space 480p so I’m torn um 720p 1080i or 1080p HD video and like I said before this is just for reference we won’t be opening that one we’re gonna be opening the limited-edition all right guys before we start the unboxing for the limited edition I just want to compare it side-by-side with the standard edition as you can see here the colors are the same it’s the saw Roxas goofy Donald and a lot of the other characters in the background it’s the kitty sides the limited edition is a shrink wrap while the standard edition is a wife all game as the standard white yeah let’s look at the back sides the back sides almost look identical we’re like the middle area over here and over here what the standard edition on the top says the magical sale continues in three master journeys this is basically what I said before New York is edition moving on like much of a difference so I’m just gonna show you guys only the limited edition for now um the collectors edition before I do not show ate three different scenes like over here this is the kingdom hearts 2 final mix the story is not over Kingdom Hearts birth by Sleep final mix destiny is never left to chance Kingdom Hearts recorded is HD remastered cinematics alright and in the bottom this is the top part of the standard edition where it says the magical sale continues in 3 remastered journeys official Disney collectible pin 1.67 inch metal enamel never released elsewhere this how it looks I’m gonna open it up and show you guys in a little bit let’s just go to respects really quick just to check if it’s the same thing as 2 collector’s edition but of course probably is a single player 10.7 megabytes of card hard drive space 480p 720p 1080i 1080p HD video photoshop 3 the blu-ray disc ephors 110 and over reason behind that is fantasy violence mob blood and use of alcohol all right and now let me see so it’s just like the side over here wonderful yeah there’s a place to grip it by Steve game and the official Disney collectible pin there’s nothing all right good week good amount of weight to it it is side by side comparison to seem exacting yep and now let’s open up the piggy see what’s inside as soon as you open it up you got the what appears to be the manual and the game disk so quick look at the game the manual the same thing I see from cover art over here getting at the inside you got the warnings some notices getting started and controls and the back side to see warranty and the customer support all right there is no back cover to this that’s get a quick zoom in of the ps3 copy game disk okay and with that being said that wraps up the embossing for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 remix the limited edition and as always thank you guys for staying in tune with Poppy means for unboxings don’t forget to leave a like.

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix (Limited Edition) (PS3) Unboxing !!