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Align:start [Music] hey what’s going on guys in this video we’re gonna be doing an unboxing of the new Hot Toys release with spider-man homecoming this is spider-man the 1/6 scale collectible figure Prada code is NNs 4 to 5 and before we have a look at the figure itself here’s what the box looks like featuring spider-man in his new classic kind of somewhat updated take of this new classic costume there’s a side box arts and there’s the back of the packaging the Hot Toys presents movie masterpiece series 1/6 scale collectible figure spider-man homecoming all that jazz and all that stuff some warning hazards and whatnot go ahead and open this up should be just a should just slide out actually no it doesn’t I’m being silly this little velcro fell for a little magnetized closure there we can open this up there’s what spider-man looks like inside looks like we also got ourselves some additional I’m not really sure what these are like little spar bank cards maybe they actually go with the base itself it looks like you get maybe two of them one or two of them and then you’ve got the cast and crew responsible for producing the spider-man here all down the side or slightly on an angle go ahead and cut the tape but I really haven’t taken the figure out yet slide it out see if there’s anything else in there I don’t see anything else so we can put the box to the side and you know what we won’t we’ll put the box into the back there we go and we’ll take the tray off I’ve done this a couple of times where I forget that there’s contents on the top of the tray too so got a couple of spider-man’s hands and the internal wings the little web wings that go underneath his arms and then you’ve got spider-man here let’s kind of go through each one of them he comes with a science today book 2nd edition which actually does have looks like it does have stuff inside this product is suitable for ages 15 and up please read these instructions carefully before you open this product this product is not suitable for children under 3 years of age due to small parts they may cause choking hazards and actually what’s neat though it’s right here and over here it also as this product is suitable for ages 15 and up please read the instructions carefully it’s pretty much the exact same pages through the entire book anything that’s not bad that’s not a fun little fun little and additional thing that you can check out and somebody could say oh wall – you know why then why didn’t they actually put science scientific related stuff inside but really are you gonna go through and flip flip the pages I am undoing it just now but it’ll be ridiculous see what else we have in here good that’s actually what we’ll grab this first he comes with oh he comes with a series of different interchangeable eyes looks like he’s got various red eyes that more squinted eyes gonna be interested and see how those all kind of come together he’s got some pegs for his hands we don’t need to look at those just yet a kind of pulled off I suppose loose mask he can hold in his hand while he’s wearing the Peter Parker head I don’t know how well I don’t suspect you can do it with this mask obviously you would be doing it with the main mask interesting to see how the eyes change out let’s move everything kind of over to the side here might as well just take spider-man out while we’re at it he’s got some felt there some plastic on his hands oh I have to be careful don’t want to snag not that he has the web-shooter sticking as a separate piece take your boots off there we go and we got some felt cushions in between his armpits as well there we go I don’t know why that one’s clicking on me okay so there’s the spider-man figure we’re gonna get a better look at him as second let’s see there just kind of move this all out of the way comes with his display base with the spider emblem on the top let’s see if I can just cut this here there we go take that off carefully this part I oh oh I hate I hate when they do this when they put something right around the square peg of where the neck is going to attach ultimately I probably will have to cut that I’m sure there is probably an easier way but this is the way that I’m doing it so don’t like that always gets there’s always like that little piece that gets stuck right around right around just a little bit right there take like almost knife or something try to fish that out there’s the base by the way base looks decent enough and it comes with front placards says spider-man Peter Parker well like how the little spider-man is hanging underneath the S you can see right there his bottom and what else we have in here we’ve got the adjustable neck does have a a bendable frame to it that’s gonna go into the base we’ve got the waist clip need that we got an extra web I pull these all outs just makes a little bit more sense a little more easy easy to organize everything of course the instruction manuals in there as well I’m not going to pull that out just yet the only thing I’m being very careful of when it gets Peter Parker’s head out without banging without banging all these extra eyes I’m gonna put the disc I’m gonna put that back in let’s see if I can just fish out Peter Parker’s head with oats knocking all those spider eyes out I would really not want to do that oh and in here at this the actual webbing okay now that we got all that extra stuff out of the way I’m just gonna put this over here on the floor not paying the camera okay so he comes with his webbing various degrees of webbing long and short this has just long hooked webs I was like that they put them in these little slots so it keeps everything protected it’s just a regular straight web looks like he gets two straight webs two shorter webs that have the kind of the q-tip end to it and then he’s got one hooked web which I guess connects to this and that can connect to probably all three of them or at least at the very least two of the three just connects on the end got some extra web shooters not really sure why they give you two extra web shooters when he’s already got them on his hand unless they vary just looking at another two of them here they look like they’re identical to one another I guess they just gave you extras just in case seems strange but I’m not gonna complain about that comes with also his knapsack now this is the regular version that was the deluxe version as well that came with some extra like his hat ins like that as cool as it always is to get extra bonus items I would never displace by spider-man with a hat or you know all that extra clothing so just getting the knapsack I’m perfectly fine with that let’s see if we can open this up to see if there’s anything inside no it’s just this dog here it’s not really dog here it’s just little batting with cotton batting present it’s a knapsack not bad feels like a real knapsack just smaller design for a little small Mouse and oh and then also of course we’ve got the Spider Man face so the second time I’ve made this statement much like the Marty McFly from Back to the Future 2 why I don’t know why has his eyes have to look sideways as opposed to looking straight on I guess the idea is you can turn the head on the figure and you’ll have the figures you know the eyes facing this way I don’t know why they just didn’t ultimately have the eyes facing the one way just straight forward the hair is done really nice as well as the face I would really entertain the idea of replacing the head and just having the Peter Parker head on spider-man’s body instead of using this head here there’s the spider-man head there’s the regular Peter Parker head and let’s see if we can take this off there we go place was Peter Parker’s head there we go yeah but oh that looks good I like that and then if you have the proper hands you could just have the loose mask in his hand I like that I may even display him possibly with the Peter Parker head rest of the outfit looks good the black portions of the costume feel like they’re more plastic whereas the rest of the body feels obviously like a fabric Spyder emblem is a raised plastic piece as well also can be said for the back here panel lines nice and clean spider-man’s got a nice nice spider butt and there’s the underside of his feet this is just the unboxing I mean we’ll get into a more in-depth review you know at a later date I would I always just like to do these unboxings lately because if I don’t get a chance to do the figure reviews of these guys right away I don’t also want you guys waiting for a while to see you know my initial thoughts of the figure the unboxing video the unboxing videos kind of is my way of just giving you my initial thoughts and then of course we get into marks you know more extensive review afterwards the head does seem like it’s a little bit big but I mean I guess you know he does have a a teenage boys body so it does make some sense and there’s the other spider-man face it’s got this weird stitch right down the middle here where I guess it was sewn that’s where it was sewn together I wish it wasn’t so obvious at the back he can see it you obviously wouldn’t be looking at the figure from the back but the stitch on the front is not quite centered it’s not here it stays pretty close to the line of the web but then from the front it shoots just slightly off to the side and thereby making it much more obvious I’m really sure how to change the eyes out yet but I’m not gonna start playing around with that yet until we get to the actual review there’s the inner cavity of the head yeah what do you think Peter Parker or the regular spider-man head really like an environment the Peter Parker head go ahead and take this off being careful also when I put this spider-man head on not not to pull the the fabric too much because as you can see it is a loose fabric that’s over top of a plastic head I mean the spider-man head is not terrible at all especially when I start playing around with the additional eyes and changing those that I think is really gonna elevate this this figure but there’s a there’s something to be said for in this instance having the Peter Parker head versus you know the spider-man head on display because that’s a that’s really one of the better head sculpts I’ve seen although the Andrew Garfield head sculpt was pretty good too from Amazing Spiderman just this one I think is a lot closer it’s you know really really nicely done there you go guys oh and then of course you can another standard poseability we’ll get into a little bit more of it into that as we do the review at it does feel like everything’s clicking one leg clicks this leg doesn’t click this arm clicks I don’t like the sound of that this one doesn’t at all so hopefully we don’t have any problems knock on wood no problems with getting this guy posed overall though a nice-looking spider-man I don’t think I really really would add anything else to it and I all are in all honesty I would have to go and double check again what the deluxe version has but I don’t think I would really be all that devastated if I just have the standard version this one here instead you know if it just comes with a couple of hats and you know different articles of clothing and stuff like that I think I’m okay having just picked up the the regular release there’s a pack of them again so that is just my initial thoughts of the spider-man homecoming spider-man 1/6 scale collectible figure of course we’re gonna get into a little bit more of an in-depth review of this guy and a hopefully a fairly new you know fairly soon I don’t want to get to this guy reviewed right away I don’t want to wait too too long I did want to just do my initial thoughts of this guy you know as again Lisa he’s now hitting you know hitting the market today to this unboxing video we were having a look at the Hot Toys this was the spider-man homecoming spider-man one-sixth scale collectible figure product code and then that’s four to five yes the review of him will be coming so stay tuned for that of course many more videos will also be coming to this channel make sure you hit that little subscribe button down below so you’ll never miss a beat when it comes to those future videos thanks for watching guys I’ll see you next time

UNBOXING | Hot Toys Spider-man Homecoming Spider-man Sixth Scale Figure

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