12 Speaker Headphones = MIND BLOWN

Check out this interesting video about the best 12 Speaker Headphones = MIND BLOWN

12 Speaker Headphones = MIND BLOWN

12 Speaker Headphones = MIND BLOWN

12 Speaker Headphones = MIND BLOWN
Bluedio U Plus (UFO) (USA Link) – http://amzn.to/2e5x6wC
Bluedio U Plus (UFO) (International) – http://geni.us/CUbyA

Had the chance to check out my first 12 speaker wireless headphones. This model from Bluedio also features enhanced bass. It’s some of the most powerful bass I’ve ever heard on headphones.

From the manufacturer –

Innovation never stops.To provide the ultimate sound experience, our engineers have putted a lot of time and efforts into Bluedio U Plus and achieved new breakthrough.Our exclusive PPS12 technology, specially designed cavity and vents work in conjunction to provide vibrant bass and clear, vivid sound reproduction through the entire frequency range.

Bluedio advocates ultimate, fashion and simplicity, emphasizes music is most important spiritual enjoyment of mankind and provides professional audio and wireless communication solutions.Bluedio has been spread out to more than 150 countries, owned more than 30 patents.

With the constant pursuit for improvement, our engineers have spent three years to develop PPS12 technology.The combination of three drivers specially for trembles and another three drivers for mids and bass, makes sure that you will enjoy all range of frequency to the fullest extent.You can expect crisp, vivid highs from this headphone.

Cavity Design gives isolation from some ambient noises, enhances the bass response and pushes the airflow of both front and back cavity to achieve resonance.The cavities, along with specially designed vents, which adjust the ventilation, contribute to a full-bodied, vibrant and bouncy bass reproduction.

To protect your ears, Bluedio U Plus adopts over-ear earmuffs and stereo clipping craft. It not only brings you natural and comfortable wearing, but also reduce sound leakage.

The ear cups is designed to be rotated backward for 180 degrees, mainly considering the special requirements of DJ.It also works when you want to stay aware about what`s happening around you.

Built with premium materials, Al-Ti alloy. It owns sturdy, lightweight alloyed frames, yokes and sliders.So, the headphone will last for years.

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