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Jeffy Puppets

All right everybody. I got the Jesse puppet it took me a really long time to order it. I’ve been pushing it off so long but. I finally ordered it and it took about a week to ship some people said it took a month for them to have their ship and line shipped in like a week so lucky me it was two hundred and eighty dollars three hundred dollars of tax the puppet says it’s two hundred and fifty dollars but if you want the helmet it comes to the shoes if you want the raw and all that stuff it’s going to bring you up to like two hundred eighty and then there’s a five hundred dollar version but you know you got to be insane to spend $500 on a puppet so without further ado. I’ll just open it. I don’t want to accidentally cut the puppet because this is like all fabric inside okay a bunch of tapes all over my hands later finally got the Box open and it looks like we got it comes with a little bag which is pretty cool going to note on it what’s that say hello. I am Jesse Jesse being a puppet la blah blah beacon art studios go up go buy their puppets oh jeez it’s like a Christmas present happy birthday to me whoo or happy Christmas to me. I guess whatever all right come on get this open and waiting too long for this or what do. I see what. I should what do you see up. I see as you said all that only came out oh look at that what was that Chevy what oh we get him out of here breathe Jeffy breathe oh my god keep this out of here oh my God look goodness our hold on let me let me fix his mouth put his hand in his butt was handed his butt was handed his butt butt butt butt hold on two hours later what going quick what going okay. I got to work on my Jessie impression obviously like. I wasn’t prepared for this. I gotta fix his hair too oh my gosh. I’ve been waiting so long all right so our first impressions it’s the face via the mouth looks like it’s a little bit messed up on the side like. I can fix that. I’ve tried to make a Jessie puppet before believing it or not it didn’t turn out too good so that’s why. I ended up buying it. I don’t know why. I could think. I’m going to jump up it so, of course, it’s not going to look like amazing again this isn’t from like super Mario logan they made their own puppets so it’s impossible to get the same one obviously because they made it but this is the only one you could really buy besides you know the five hundred dollars one and then there are other ones on eBay and stuff but this is probably like the best highest quality version besides like trying to make it yourself which don’t don’t attempt. I spend a bunch of money on supplies to try to make one and that then turned out well you know they. I was adding so many characters that weren’t and super Mario Logan people are like why don’t you start your own plush channel because this has nothing to do with SML anymore but you know. I got Jesse now people are going to still call me a copycat probably even more now that. I have an SML character but you know that’s okay you know. I really like his shoes too look at those shoes so yeah there is the jetty puppet from Etsy com you could get it for around $300 a little less and then if you want to get the 500 version and waste all your money then you can go ahead and do that because you have to be very insane to spend $500 on a puppet finishing off the video yeah we got all the puppeteer all the plush oh yeah. I got there’s a second Mario. I got first Mario we kind of cut a tad off for that video but yeah you know we got the doctor Brooklyn guy you know we got everybody working on this guy’s voice because it’s not it doesn’t have like a Brooklyn accent gotta work on that got Tommy here see his mouth is kind of symmetrical and then we got Jeffy’s its kind of like sticking out like. I don’t know it’s weird. I could fix that. I’ll try to fix it at least you got more – here we got this guy you know we got everybody here get more puppets every week trying to improve the videos to try to improve the voices try to prove everything so. I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you, if you’re interested in getting, is Jeff a puppet once again the link is in the description below and you will be seeing this guy in more videos and stuff so definitely let me know what you think and that’s pretty much it yeah. I just make sure to subscribe to the video comment Jesse you have to say anything no he doesn’t because of my hands not in the pulpit. I don’t have the Jeffery voice down yet.

Jeffy Puppet Unboxing

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SML Jeffy Puppet
  • Hand Made
  • Plush fabric outer layer, 100% Polyester inner layer for hand-insert, stuffed with cotton. leather shoes, and non-woven diaper
  • Handmade be inches length (same size the original Jeffy Puppet). The hand-insert large enough fit the hand an adult
  • Country Origin:USA
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Melissa & Doug Chef Puppet (Al Dente) with Detachable Wooden Rod - Pretend Play Chef Puppet Chef Pepe
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  • Use one hand to manipulate the puppet's mouth and facial expressions, and the other to gesture with the removable wooden arm rod; rod attaches to either of the puppet’s hands, and is suitable for lefty or righty puppeteers
  • Puppet play is a wonderful way to make connections, explore feelings and new perspectives, help build vocabulary, dexterity, imagination, and creativity
  • Makes a great gift for preschoolers to preteens, ages 3 to 10, for hands-on, screen-free play

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