DESPICABLE ME 2 – FART BLASTER!!! Unboxing & Review

DESPICABLE ME 2 - FART BLASTER!!! Unboxing & Review: Dinner-time surprise!
Just in time for the Despicable Me 2 movie release!

Here is the Despicable Me 2 FART BLASTER! by Thinkway Toys. Here I do an unboxing and review.

The fart blaster features 2 modes, a PLAY MODE where you can make fart noises and light up the light chamber, and a JOKE MODE where you can set a 20 second timer and play tricks on your friends. Watch and see what I do to MommyTube!

There is also a banana scented Fart Blaster which is exclusive to Toys “R” Us!.

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They have a bunch of great Despicable Me Toys, like the mystery bag figures. They also have toys of Wreck It Ralph, Man of Steel, Dark Knight Rises, Toy Story and the upcoming Disney Pixar Planes!

Thinkway Toys: “Creating Fun With Technology”


MSRP .99

Age: 4+;
Press trigger for fart sound effects and color changing lights.
Joke Mode — with 20 second time delay fart sound.
Also available — Fart Gun with Banana Scent (Toys “R” Us Exclusive)
Try Me packaging.

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