Samsung’s Largest TV 110 Inch 3D UHD 4K LED Smart Frameless HDTV UN110S9


There’s big TVs and then there’s big TVs this one is even bigger than those and aft Electronics is the first retailer in the country to have it it’s the Samsung UN 110 s9 and it is a hundred ten inches of Ultra High Definition greatness there’s a lot of things to talk about let’s start with the design it has a super thin bezel so it looks really sleek and it has Samsung’s timeless design frame to keep it standing upright like I said before this is an Ultra High Definition set so the clarity and the detail is amazing it also has a clear motion rate of 1200 to keep all the action on the screen running smooth and with Samsung’s micro dimming ultimate you get great detail in both the black levels as well as really bright white levels as for sound you get 220 watt full range speakers 220 watt woofers and a 40 watt center channel but I would say to really immerse yourself you’d still want to go with a full surround sound system with a big screen like this you’ll want a big sound system to match the set like many others in Samsung’s lineup has built-in Wi-Fi so you can take advantage of Samsung’s huge catalog of applications to constantly keep yourself informed and entertained and you can control all this with either the supplied remote or the Samsung Smart View app you get four HDMI connections one component two composite inputs along with three USB inputs so you have plenty of room to hook up any source you want and they all connect to Samsung’s one connect box so you can kind of hide it wherever you want but it does fit on the back of the TV pretty well so if you’re looking for the ultimate television that’s available right now and will be for quite some time check out the Samsung un1 10 s9 a tap comm and like comment and subscribe on YouTube.

Buy Samsung 110 S9V Series Black UHD 4K LED 3D Smart Frameless HDTV – UN110S9V
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The 110 TV was discontinued but here’s a related Jumbo TV:

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